Chronograph Wega Delbana Nos, valjoux 7733, 70s

Chronograph Wega Nos, valjoux 7733


Chronograph Wega Nos

Valjoux 7733

Diameter 37mm

Year 70s

Brand history

Wega watch brand was founded in 1919 Grenchen, Switzerland by Oskar Kessler.

Goliardo Della Balda founded DELBANA in 1933

By the late 1970s, Delbana merged with the WEGA watch company, parlaying a new chapter for the brand with the production of watches with quartz movements. Delbana soon reclaimed its place designing and producing high-quality timepieces at an affordable price that are, to this day, sought after all over the world.

The merger of WEGA and DELBANA was a result of family relations but also due to the watch crisis in years of 70ies.  His son in law, Max Kessler, managed after the merger the new company named WEGA DELBANA .